I don’t really shop for bike projects anymore. I have several underway currently and others seems to just appear out of thin air. This frame came to me from an individual who had visited a page that I maintain, “The Girardengo Barn.” He was apparently in a similar situation and needed to offload this project to someone else. Call me a sucker but I took on the challenge!



This is a bike that you dont see everyday! The frame was built by Lino Messori of Modena Italy in 1984. Examples of his bikes are hard to come by as is information on the marque. Only about 150 bikes exhibiting his name were ever built! I acquired this bike as a frame and fork about 10 years ago. It languished in my bike room for several years before I decided to get it back into riding shape. In addition to the restoration work it has become a bit of a research project for me. I have some leads to follow and hope to be able to provide more information on the builder in the future.


Sunday September 30, 2018

This morning was the annual California Triple Crown awards breakfast. The CTC recognizes the accomplishments of riders participating in a series of double century events held in California over the years. The CTC began tracking riders results in 1990 and has kept a tally of those results. Those riders who complete 50 of these events are eligible to be inducted into the CTC Hall of Fame. Initially there were only 4 double century rides in California which counted towards the Triple Crown. Now in 2018 there are 27 qualifying double centuries in the series!


AKA: The rolling hills from hell ride!

I try to ride the Portland Century each year if I can because it is generally a well supported and nicely designed route. It usually follows a different course each year and takes in new scenery around the Portland area. This years event held little similarity to previous years however!



The “freehub” is one of the great inventions of modern cycling, providing the key elements necessary for multi-speed drive-trains on bicycles. It’s mechanical function allows a cyclist to not only “freewheel” or coast their bicycle without pedaling, re-engaging the drive when pedaling is resumed, but to independently change the cogs to meet gearing requirements or address wear issues.

Many people believe that the freehub was invented by Suntour in 1969 (failed) or Shimano in 1978 (successful). While Shimano certainly did a lot to refine and popularize the technology, the freehub has been around for longer than many people realize. The first maker to invent the “freewheel unit hub” is open to debate but Bayliss-Wiley was one of the first manufacturers to bring the product to market.


Left to right, Joe, Lonnie, Roland, ?, ?, Bob, ?

Our good group of riders for much of the day at this years Grand Tour, on June 23, 2018.


Feeling pretty good at mile 150 along Cache Creek.

I’m back in Davis California after a couple of years away. This is the 49th annual Davis Double Century and coincidentally will be my 49th double century as well! After riding all of those doubles you would think that I would start to get good at it at some point! My only goal this year was to finish before dark but I wasn’t sure that it was in the cards. (more…)