We got the bikes assembled yesterday but didn’t take them out for a spin. Today though we thought we should get them checked out on the road and see some local sights in the process. First this morning, we rode out to a bike shop a little west of here to check on and see if they had some items that we wanted. It was a large shop called Mondo-Velo but seemed to be out of many items so we didn’t get what we were looking for. Navigation the local roads was certainly a challenge but we did manage to find our way there and back.

This afternoon we rode over to Versailles to see what we could. Some places around the Palace they would not allow bikes but we did get onto the Palace grounds and see some of it. The place is huge, many thousands of acres with lots of people sightseeing. Not really a good place for a bike because of the people, and you cant go everywhere with it, but the place is so large that it is very far to walk. Hmmm…

The palace grounds at Versailles