Lonnie's new brevet bike

Today was our tourist day in Paris. Just outside of our hotel is the train station, so we only had to walk 100 meters to get on our train. We exited the train at the Eiffel Tower station which by coincidence is just at the base of the tower itself. Basically, from our hotel we had to walk 300 meters or so to get to the Eiffel Tower. The tower along with the Arc de Triomphe were both “must see” stops on Clair’s list. I had been to both just last year but they are always fun places to go. We also walked down the Champs de Elysees to see some of the key points on the last stage of the Tour de France that we have all seen on TV.

Coming back to our hotel, today was a big day as many cyclists arrived for the event. We have bumped into many friends just walking in and out of the hotel and there are wall to wall bikes and bike cases in the storage rooms. We will head out again later tonight and see who else we run into.