Our goal today was to see some of the countryside and get some miles in on the bike. We set out on a 30 mile or so loop, plotting a course past ancient churches, castles and little villages. We seemed to have stumbled upon a favorite route of local cyclists and saw many riders out today. About halfway through our ride we stopped at a café in a little village. The sun was out and we were thirsty so it seemed to us that beers were in order. Always happy to try and honor the local customs we enjoyed our drinks and then carried on. Winding through forests and villages we navigated our way back to town without getting very lost. There are now many more riders in town and you cannot turn a corner without encountering dozens of cyclists.

Also, for those who would like to know, I have personally sampled many varieties of wine here so far and all have passed the test. This either means the wines are very good or my standards are very low!