One of our last jobs is to get our drop bags checked in and to make sure that they go to the correct locations. We will depend very heavily on the supplies that we send ahead in these bags to sustain us in our effort.

We are heading down to the starting area very soon now. We are as well prepared as we can be and will trust to luck for the rest. We expect to return either late Thursday night or Friday morning some time. Our cut off time is 4:00 pm on Friday so we must be in by then. We will not post any entries until our return but you can still keep track of us as we progress through the ride. If you go to and follow the links to track a rider you can see where we are on the course. My rider # is 4841 and Clair’s is 4879. You should be able to enter just that to find us or you can put in our names if you have trouble. Wish us luck and Bon Voyage!

Checking in our drop bags in front of our hotel. Friends in this picture include Clair, Karen, Mike, Cynthia, Gerry. Several others are out of photo.