At the start we had a little bit of rain but no one took it seriously, after all we were all randonneurs and we can handle a little rain right? But about 2 hours into the ride it just started to pour and it did not quit. We have fenders, we have rain-gear, we have good gloves, helmet covers, you name it. We are prepared for whatever weather may come but these rains were approaching biblical proportions. As we entered villages the rain was channeled into the narrow streets. You may have heard that wet cobblestones are slippery, but flooded cobbles are much more treacherous. In the dark streets you cannot see the hazards and there were any wrecks as a result. The rain continued through the night and it was still raining heavily at first light.

The above photo was taken at a little village about 3 hours into the ride where the town was waiting for us. It was not an official control point but many people stopped to take advantage of the hospitability of the locals.