Many cyclists mark their progress in an event with miles or hours or some fixed unit of measure. By this point in the event we are marking our journey with showers and cloudbursts as measurements. A remark like “remember that little village three rains ago” seemed perfectly normal. The rain is relentless. When we pass through the forest we get big drops from the trees, when we pass through the fields we wind blown drops in our face, when we ride through the villages the rain comes up at us from below.

We approach Tintineac late in the afternoon. Navigating to the controle point through these towns is not straightforward but we follow the little arrows with some success. This Controle is very busy like the others and we feel like we are losing time when we try and get food. You must eat first and then rest. Here, we are very tired and after a bite to eat we try to lay down for a rest. Inside the eating area we find a flat spot out of the rain, but that the carpet is wet and a little squishy. However, we are away from the rain and wind so we go ahead and lay down anyway. 15 horizontal minutes is all we can manage but it helps us a lot. 366 kilometers and 19 hours into our event we still feel pretty good.