For the last 10 kilometers or so I had started to deteriorate pretty rapidly and my stomach was giving me problems. When I arrived at Loudeac the first thing I did was to find my drop bag at the Controle. I found it quickly and although it was under cover it had been sitting in water and my stuff was soaked. What I wanted most at this point was a hot shower, so with my wet bag in hand I headed to the showers. Once in the showers the water felt good but I thought I was going to throw up. I avoided puking in the shower and got outside. After that I couldn’t eat anything so I tried to find a spot to lay down. I ran into Clair again and we looked for a bed together. Most places were wet but I finally found a place under cover and laid down on the walkway. I wrapped up in my space blanket but it offered no padding from the lumpy paving stones I was laying on so there was little rest for me. I did lay there until about 6:00 am when I finally decided that I would not be able to continue. Without eating anything and no rest there was no way I could gather the strength to continue. We had arrived with plenty of time available at this checkpoint but now we were falling behind. We did not think we could maintain the required speed to make the next Controle so we made the very hard decision to abandon the event. This is the first event either of us had ever abandoned so it makes this one very tough.