It was twilight as we left Tinteniac and darkness soon followed so I cannot describe the next section of the course very well. It seemed to alternate between villages and forest, though it was hard to tell in the dark. Here is where I felt the best so far during the event. I felt good on the hills and could hold a good pace on the flats and the miles just melted away. For a time the rain stopped and I even had a tail wind. It was 86 kilometers to the next Controle at Loudeac and I felt great. The miles just vanished under my wheels and I was making good time. Even in this dark section there were people out on the road cheering us on in the middle of the night. Some were even giving out hot chocolate and coffee to the riders, so I stopped at one of these for a warm drink. The riders were quite spread out now and the large groups that were common earlier in the ride were gone. The line of red lights ahead of seemed to lead on to the horizon. At km 75 in this section something happened, though I am still trying to figure out just what. My stomach was starting to revolt but I tried to ignore it. I pulled into the Controle at Loudeac at 1:14 in the morning. I was about 27 hours into the ride, had slept for 15 minutes total, and have come 452 kilometers from the start.