The ride is over now and most people have departed or will leave soon. We however are staying a few more days to see some more sights. Today we went out to the city of Chartres. It is famous for a very old cathedral and that is mainly what we went to see. Our wonderful surprise in addition to that was an amazing old walled city within the larger town. The streets were very narrow and there were no cars within the old center of the city. The cathedral was amazing and if you want to know more about its very interesting history then you should look it up. There is too much to tell to put it here. We walked the narrow streets and looked at many little shops selling every variety of merchandise from bread to the latest fashions. An interesting thing we noticed was that there were almost no foreign tourists here. They seemed to be mostly French tourists out for a day trip. I would describe Chartres as being everything good that you expect from a trip to France without any of the bad. Kind of like Paris without the crowds, traffic or high prices!