We went out for a ride on the bikes today out to the town of Rambouilllet. We took a winding route through the forest and several small villages to get there. Apparently we found a popular local cycling route as there were hundreds of riders out today. We must have passed several groups of 50 or more and there were riders in smaller groups everywhere. Cycling is a very popular activity locally and on this Sunday cyclists outnumbered automobiles by at least 10 to 1. We have been treated with great respect by drivers and they give us plenty of room and never crowd us. What a nice change!

On our return from this loop we found our way back to the outbound section of the course. We knew we were on it in some sections because there were water bottles, tire tubes and other debris from the passing cyclists. In the narrow streets through the villages however we soon lost the route and found our own way back. We rode about 80 km today.