Chevreuse is the name of the town we rode to today. The best I can tell that translates into Goatville. There is an old castle in Chevreuse on the top of the hill which we walked up to, but it was outside of visiting hours and it was closed. It took us some time to find our own special way up there but once on top it was easy to find the right way down. After all of this route finding we had worked up and appetite so now we had to find an appropriate restaurant. We searched around and could not anything we liked the look of so we rode over to New Goatville where they had a few more services. We found a little Italian place on the town square and enjoyed the Plat du Jour (not goat) which included a main dish, dessert and coffee for 10.50 euro. We had a table by the window and enjoyed our meal where we could watch the citizens of Goatville going about their daily business. People were carrying bread, drinking coffee and talking to others while waving their arms. Everything appeared normal in Chevreuse except one thing. Where were all of the goats?