I have heard good reports about this event in the past. It was supposedly a surprisingly good route through a very congested city. It has had good support and a very nice post ride meal. I believe that these things may have been true in the past, but this year at the Las Vegas Century was perhaps the worst event I have ever been to!

Perhaps my first warning was that checking in to the event was very disorganized.  Then the event started almost a half an hour late with no announcements whatsoever to the riders. Next, once we were underway we endured dozens of traffic lights in the first 10 miles or so. There were painted arrows on the road to help with navigation and that helped as the route did pass some confusing intersections. Once we got off the boulevards the route improved some but I was pretty disappointed at the first rest stop which offered green bananas, cookies and little else! The route did a clockwise loop starting downtown then out to Lake Mead, Boulder City, Henderson, then out to Blue Diamond and back downtown via the “Loop”. Most of the route was on the dirty shoulders of high traffic routes. All of the rest stops were equally disappointing and we never saw a cold soda during the entire event. I did see many other riders like myself stopping at local minimarts along the way to buy  food that the event did not supply. I do not fault the volunteers for for this because they were just working with what they were given. The organizers however should be ashamed of their efforts. When you pay $65 for a 100 mile event you expect a little better support. Finally, when we returned to the start-finish we found that all of the event staff had left! No post ride meal, no thank you, no congratulations, no nothing! There was no one there and there were still hundreds of riders out. I have never seen this in my many years of riding events.

As a side note it was a very windy day which made the ride a tough one, but I will not blame that on the organizers. It does however emphasize the need for good support and looking after the riders, which did not happen at this event. I am sure that I will never do this ride again but I did bring away something that I did not expect from this event. I have a new low mark on list of events. I can always say that as bad an any event may be in the future that “yeah but this wasnt nearly as bad as that Las Vegas Century!”