Ever since returning from my attempt at PBP last August I have had the feeling that I somehow needed to finish what I had started. My plan had been to try and be in a position 3 years from now to have a shot at trying the event again. It is a huge commitment of time and energy (not to mention the expense) to be prepared for an event like this and many stars must be in alignment for it to even be possible. 4 years seemed so far away though and perhaps I am a little bit impatient. I really wanted to set this thing to rights and try to redeem myself as soon as I could.

Well it looks as though I may be able to try for redemption sooner than I had hoped. We have booked tickets to Paris for this June and I will have an opportunity to ride the route again. This time it will be in self supported touring style, riding 150 – 200 miles per day. It will not be the official event but I will follow the 2007 route. I will travel lightly and follow my own schedule, staying in hotels along the way. It will be a more casual effort than the official event and I may not meet the time schedule but I hope to be able to finish the route. It will make all the difference to me being able to somehow finish what I had started!

My wife Sara will be accompanying me for the trip and she has her own itinerary involving horse activities. I can go off on my own for these few days without worry. We will both having a good time and will be able to do some things together as well. I will post blog entries from the trip so you can track my progress. This trip I will be riding in part for my friend Clair Jensen who will not be able to ride with me in Paris ever again. I hope to not let Clair down and to be able to finish the ride in his honor.

By coincidence the Tour de France starts in Brest this year. I will be there before the first stage begins but I hope to see some of the pre-race hoopla or maybe just the finish area. We will return home in early July, hopefully with something more to celebrate this time. s the time approaches stay tuned for my updates on this PBP redo!