Well the bike has been packed away and we have been doing some non-bike stuff. The other day we drove up to the D-Day beaches on the Normandy coast. I had been there before but Sara had not and she had wanted to visit it as well. It was just as memorable on this visit and we both enjoyed the day. Yesterday we were headed towards Versailles but stopped in Chartres on the way. I really like Chartres, the cathedral is absolutely magnificient and the town is quite pleasant as well. Luckily it is also possible to get lunch in Chartres at one of the many cafes. We indulge in the full range of menu items completely without guilt. After all, I have paid my dues in fasting earlier in the week, what anyone elses excuse is I do not know!

There was also an itinerary of horse activities and we were able to visit the Franch National Stud Farm, Haras du Pin. It is a remarkable facility founded by Louis the XIV and continues its tradition of excellence. We are also able to visit an Egyptian Arabian ranch to view their beautiful horses. Finally in Versailles we spend a day at the Bartobas Equestrian Spectacle. This a demonstration of the amazing abilities of several breeds of horses in a theatrical display. It is a mix of art and performance and exhibits the talents of the horse from warfare to dressage. I do not know where they find the riders who perform in this spectacle but the resume would have to look something like this:  Skilled rider, must be young and thin, be able to sing, dance, shoot arrows, sword fight and clean stalls. Perhaps in France these qualities are not so hard to come by but in southern Utah it might be a little difficult. At any rate the performance is wonderful and we enjoy it very much.

We head back to our hotel which is just a few blocks from the palace after a wonderful last night in France. Tommorrow we catch out flight home to the States. The trip has not exactly gone as planned but it was a good trip nonetheless.