Cool, hot, wet, spectacular and fun. These are a few of the descriptions that might be applied to Bryce Canyon 200 k brevet. 23 riders started and 21 riders finished this event which makes it the largest SUBrevet event to date. I think now that the word is out about our great rides this may become the norm for our events.

The morning started pleasantly cool. Most riders were in shorts and short sleeves and found the mild temps a great relief from wherever they had come from. After a short jaunt along highway 89 we turned onto the Red Canyon bike path for the climb up to the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The hoodoos here are reminiscent of Bryce Canyon but are outside of the national park. It is an easy climb and once up on top the pace picked right up again. A nice descent through a corner of the national park brought riders to their first control at the town of Tropic. As the day progressed however the heat came on a little bit, first becoming noticeable on the climb back out of Tropic and finally reaching the mid 80’s by mid-day.

The road to Antimony can seem a little long at times but the spectacular scenery helps to keep you entertained as the miles roll by. When you drop down into Black Canyon the vista begins to speed by almost faster than you can take it in and the last 15 miles into Antimony are very swift. Most riders stopped in at Antimony Mercantile Cafe for some lunch before heading on.


After Antimony you follow the Sevier River for more than 20 miles to the next control in the town of Junction. The river proves you are going downhill but there are always some skeptics around. Morning winds were very light and this section was a great cruise. The minimart control in Junction was thrilled to see all of the cyclists. I am not sure they have ever seen so much lycra in this town but it was a nice change from the camo patterns that are so common around here.

Well it is summertime in the mountains and that brings afternoon thunderstorms. About half the riders got through the day without getting wet but the rest had at least some rain. Many riders had their raingear with them but the showers felt so good that few of them bothered to put it on. A couple of people also had some hail but those were brief episodes. With the showers came some variable winds so some of the riders also faced that challenge.

Our first rider was in at 6 hours and 30 min and our last rider finished in under 10 hours. 1 rider had a major mechanical and did not finish and one rider intended to ride only a portion of the course. All in all it was a great result and a great day. This ride wraps up our brevet season here in southern Utah. If you didnt ride in any of these events it has been your loss. The 2009 schedule should be out by October so check back at the website for that. Congratulations to all SUB riders on their accomplishments this year!

Lonnie Wolff
Regional Brevet Administrator
Southern Utah