This is arguably the best cycling event in southern Utah, perhaps in the whole southwest. It features classic western scenery, fantastic support, typically great weather and the best volunteers around. It has been held for the past 5 years and is in my own backyard, yet I have never been able to ride in it. Why you ask, well there is a very good reason, I am the event director. This event was founded 5 years ago by Clair Jensen and myself. We had been riding many double centuries around the west for several years and decided that we needed one here in Utah. Well, nobody was going to do one for us so we were just going to have to do it ourselves. We started with a test event for our local club riders and once the route was proven we put it together for real. This year was the 5th year of the event and we had 340 riders participate.

Sadly, the co-founder of the event and my longtime riding partner passed away suddenly late last year. We were unsure as to whether or not to continue with it but eventually decided to move forward as a memorial event. This year the Desperado Dual / Clair Jensen Memorial came off as one of the best years ever. Wind, weather and other conditions were near perfect and riders were treated to a wonderful day. Our event staff all stepped up to honor Clair and the success of this years ride is mainly due to their efforts. A ride like this cannot be produced with the dedication and efforts of many people.

This year marks the end of a 5 year run for the event, at least for me. The event will continue with new partners to carry it into the future and hopefully we can look forward to many more years of the Desperado Dual Century. That means perhaps that I will finally be able to ride in the event and I am looking forward to that very much. I will continue to assist and advise as requested but the event will be in capable hands from here. Thanks to all those who have participated in or supported the event over the years. By doing so you have done the most important part to ensure that we have great events like this to ride.

Lonnie “Epic” Wolff
Desperado Dual Event Director (retired)