This was my fourth time riding the Grand Tour event but it was my first time riding the 200 mile distance.  On the previous occasions’ I had ridden the 300 mile event twice and the 125 mile course on one occasion.  This year I did lowland version which is a little flatter but has more traffic.  The support on this event is always great and the staff is friendly, many of whom are friends and riders themselves.  It was fun riding from rest stop to rest stop and being greeted by friends who were working the event. They of course would rather have been riding but they were supporting their club’s event.  I won’t bother too much with the details of the route.  If you have ridden a double century then you will understand how the variables of the course and weather can create highs and lows during the days ride.  This event for me had many highs and was perhaps my best event in 2 years.  The weather was great, I was able to see many good friends, it is a great course and I was riding pretty well.  I finished well before dark and felt good afterwards.  What more can you ask for? After my tough ride at the Central Coast Double this was a nice change. Thanks to the LA Wheelmen for putting another great event this year!