I took a lot more pictures than this but not many of them turned out very good so the photo essay of my STP ride this year is a little brief.

Lake Washington in the early morning.

I was again surprised and a little alarmed at the number of crashes that I witnessed during the ride, one of them being quite serious!  I can’t help but speculate that if I saw that many crashes happen in front of me there must have been dozens more that I didn’t witness.

REI sponsored rest stop at Kent.

I rode about 80 percent of the ride by myself.  Perhaps it was beacuse of my randonneur tendencies, or maybe just because I was nervous around the squirelly larger groups at this ride.  Either way, I spent a lot of time in the aero bars and I enjoy being able to do that!

Columbia River crossing, about mile 150.

It was a good ride for me and I finished in 13 hrs and 15 minutes which is a few minutes faster than last year.  I had a negative split this year and was slightly faster in the second half.  Weather conditions were excellent and we enjoyed a good tailwind for the last 45 miles or so.  The bike ran flawlessly and I felt good at the end!