I’ve done this ride several times in the past but not for a couple of years. The highlight of the ride this year was to be among the first riders to be able to go over the new Hoover Dam Bridge. It is a spectacular concrete arch bridge spanning the Colorado River just south of the Hoover Dam itself.  It has just been finished but is not yet open to the public.

There were 1500 riders at this event with most of them doing the full distance of 115 miles which included the bridge. The course seemed to be mainly the same as in previous years with the addition of the out and back to the bridge. I like the first half of the route well enough but the second half isn’t that great.

The ride itself was reasonably well supported and we had good weather this year with temps rising into the mid 80’s. Lunch was pretty good and the post-ride meal (by Outback Steak House) was alright too. I would have to say though that the bridge was just a bit of a let down. When you are on the bridge it looks like just another highway. The sides are so tall that it is hard to look over and see anything. But, being first is always a good thing I guess.