Posted in absentia; durante el viaje en España

This was to be the last prime day riding in the high country above Cedar City. My loop would start at Navajo Lake which sits at 9000 feet elevation, just above Zion National Park. The last of the Fall colors were still visible around the lake and the trail had dried out nicely from recent snowfalls. The campgrounds were empty and there were few fishermen out. I cruised the backside of the lake loop around to the Virgin River Rim Trail and started to climb. In the shade of the trees the trail was a bit muddier, getting more-so the higher I went. Once I hit the ridge top though (over 10,000 feet) the soil was a little rockier and there was less mud so the good riding continued.  The views opened up and temps were about 50 degrees with no wind and clear skies, it was a beautiful day for late October.

A stunning day at Navajo Lake.

Up on the ridge the aspen trees were bare but in the groves the ground was carpeted with golden leaves. You could roll almost silently through these areas with the only sound being the slight rustle of leaves. These are some of the riding conditions that I enjoy the most! I dropped off the VRRT onto the Spruce trail for a swoopy run back down to the lake loop. Once I got back to the south side of the lake the mud started get worse but only for a mile or so back to the Dike Trailhead where I had parked.

Fall colors still good at 9000 feet

Since this ride, repeated storms have brought rain, snow and freezing temperatures to the area. Riding will not be possible here again until late May or June next year, depending on the winter. I was lucky to have caught the last good day of riding in the southern Utah high country!