Okay, I have chosen a bike from my stable to hopefully ride in the 2012 L’Eroica event. It is a new aquisition, a 1983 Bianchi Nuovo Racing, which is basically an entry level race bike. It came spec’d with an Italian Ofmega headset, bottom bracket and crankset, Modolo Sporting brake levers and calipers and Campy NR derailleurs and shifters. The wheels are Campy Gran Sport hubs built on Mavic G40 rims. I will keep it mostly original and make only minor changes. It will be gone through completely mechanically, but the finish condition will remain that of a 30 year old bike. This will not be a museum piece as much as it will be a working antique and it should look the part.

Here is a picture of the bike before major assembly begins. In later posts I will update the photos as I make progress on this build.