The L’Eroica bike, continued.

The Bianchi came stock with wheels built from the following components: Campagnolo Victory hubs, Mavic G-40 rims and straight guage steel spokes. The hubs are in good shape so even though I have a set of Campy Record hubs on hand I will re-use the Victory hubs. The Mavic rims are in nice condition but I have never liked anodized rims. Mavic doesn’t make anything like the G-40 anymore but I did find some rims from Velo Orange. They are a polished box section rim that is very similar to the Mavic. I think they will be a good choice and keep the bike looking more original than any other replacement rim. Finally, the spokes: The original spokes are okay but they are rusted and pitted; same with the nipples. I will replace these with new DT double butted SS spokes and brass nipples. I have lots of DT spokes on hand so I just have to cut them to the right length and thread them.

For the rest of this episode click,  The assembly goes quickly and the wheels true up nicely. To finish them off I was able to find the correct Mavic decal for the rim. This is not to misrepresent the rim but to keep it looking original. I left the Velo Orange decal on the rim as well. The wheelset looks great, they have that classic style but are essentially a modern sport wheel. The box section rim with 36 spokes should be very durable and the polished aluminum really helps to brighten up a bike. It is a big improvement over the original dark anodized finish.

After putting in the Velox rim strip I reinstall the original 14 – 26 freewheel and put in the skewers and these are ready to go. I won’t be able to test them for a while yet but I am sure they are good to go. I still need to select the proper tire for these; I may go with Continentals.

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