The L’Eroica bike, continued.

The Bianchi is nearing completion, most components are mounted and have been tested on the work stand. Shifting, brakes and alignment are are dialed in and should be good for a test ride. Of course some fine adjustments will be required later. I still need to find a set of tires that I like for the intended use. This bike will probably need at least a 28c tire to be suitable for use on gravel roads but I may have to test several tires before I get one that I like. Actual tire sizes can vary from the stated size but I would like to get the largest tire that will fit in the frame. That should give it best ride on the bianca strada (white roads) of Chianti. For testing purposes I have put on my SPD compatible pedals, but rest assured that the finished bike will have toe clips and be “period correct”, as required at L’Eroica.

I have a Brooks B-17 saddle to install which I will pre-treat with my “secret process” to shorten the break-in period. I also have a tool roll that attaches under the seat but outside of that there will be few accessories to put on. In the spirit of L’Eroica this bike will be pretty minimalist, just a water bottle and tool kit. All that will be left to do is to tuck a baguette under my belt and hit the road!

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