The L’Eroica bike, continued.

The bike is now essentially complete and except for some minor adjustments it is good to go. I am quite pleased with the way it rides, it feels crisp and tight. It handles quickly but seems stable at higher speeds. Acceleration seems good even with the 28c tires. I’ve chosen a set of Ene Ciclo Gran Compe tires from Velo Orange, partly for their vintage look but also for their size and relatively light weight. They give a smooth ride even over rough pavement due to their size and lower inflation pressure. The Campy NR drive train works nicely but has limited gear range as you might expect from a 12 speed. I have never ridden with Modolo brakes before and these seem adequate if not great, but they will stop the bike. The Brooks B-17 saddle (in blue) is new and will take some time for it to break in. I have my own secret method of accelerating that process and in a couple of hundred miles it should be “well seasoned”.

There will be few accessories on this bike, no computer, no mirror or other items to clutter it up. I did find a tool roll that fits nicely under the seat. It is made by Mopha and has a old school look but is full of all the modern things that I will need; tools, inner tubes, tire patches, inflator etc. Oddly, there are virtually no black components on this bike although I wasn’t specifically trying for that look but it looks good. I do like a brighter looking bike and my choices of preffered parts led to that result. I did add a little accent color to some of the components for some highlights. A little Bianci blue on the crank, seat post, brakes and derailleurs adds some definition to those components.

After a little more testing, I will take this bike on some bigger rides. Maybe I’ll do some centuries or populaires to really get things dialed in and to get familiar with the bike in all conditions. This is not going to become my “A” bike but it will get ridden. That way when the big event comes, riding this bike will not be unfamiliar and all of the bugs will be worked out.

Total cost of the bike:

  • Ebay price of the 1983 Bianchi, $598.00
  • New rims from Velo Orange, $90.00
  • Tires from Velo Orange, $85.00
  • Brake and Shifter cables, $28.00
  • Brooks B-17 saddle, $100.00
  • Kool stop brake pads, $10.00
  • Cloth handlebar tape, $12.00
  • Mopha tool roll, $38.00

Grand total for the L’Eroica project bike:  $961.00

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