This early season ride is on a route that I thought I had ridden before but as it turned out much of the route was new to me. It started in Foothill Ranch and wound through the back hills to Anaheim before dropping down to the coast. There was a long out and back section through Camp Pendleton after which we turned inland and back to the finish. I have to credit the route designer Willie with creating a unique and often car-free itinerary through what can be a congested area.

There appeared to be more than 30 riders to start the day. It was nice to have a good group of people to ride with. Riders were pretty much staying together until we reached Control #3 on the coast. After that things seemed to get much more spread out. I rode with my friend Richard from Utah frequently, but he is a little faster rider than I am and would soon leave me behind. Luckily I seem to be a better navigator than he is so I would often reach the next control before him. He would take a wrong turn and put in some extra miles and then come in behind me. We repeated this scenario several times during the day.

The weather ranged from fog to sun with temperatures finally topping out near the 70 degree mark. It was so nice to be out of the freezer and riding in the sun again. At the end of the day we totalled 127 miles on the road with a stated 8000 ft of climbing (as per There seemed to be a little less climbing to me but there were many rollers so I guess those can add up. Total ride time was 9 hrs 19 min with about 8 hrs 21 min on the bike. Urban route like this with lots of traffic signals can add quite a bit to your ride time. All in all it was a good day!