2008 Colnago Master X-Light

I’ve had this bike frame for several years now and have been collecting parts for it. I bought it new and it is perfect, but it is annoying several of my friends because I haven’t finished it yet! I pretty much have everything I need to complete the bike so recently I began putting a few things together to get it started. It could go pretty quickly and the only bigger task is to build the wheels. Here is a list of the components I’ll be using:

   • Campagnolo Athena 11 speed gruppo

   • Athena 50×34 Crankset

   • Athena 12×29 cassette

   • Campagnolo Record Hubs

   • Campagnolo Record bottom bracket

   • Campy record headset

   • Deda Zero 100 seatpost

   • Deda Zero 100 stem

   • Deda handlebars

   • Brooks Swift Ti saddle

   • Mavic Open Pro rims, silver, 32 hole

   • DT 14/15 double butted spokes

   • Campagnolo Athena brakes and levers

• Brooks leather bar tape

• Continental Grand Prix 25c tires

Once again I am going for a bright looking bike, using polished aluminum wherever I can. The older Record hubs are 11 speed compatible so that was easy and the Athena gruppo is all nicely polished aluminum. The polished skeleton brakes were also an easy find but here is where it started getting harder!  You simply cannot find a modern Italian seatpost, stem or handlebars in polished aluminum. There are none made today! That was un-acceptable so I had to come up with my own solution to the problem.

Deda makes some light-weight and beautifully finished parts, but they are dark anodized and wouldn’t look quite right. My answer was to strip off the anodized finish to reveal the polished aluminum beneath. I do not recommend that anyone try this at home but here is what I did.  I applied spray on oven cleaner to the parts and with a non-abrasive cloth I was able to remove the anodized finish. It took several applications to remove the finish completely. It worked pretty well on the polished surface. I do not think it would work quite as well on a satin finish metal base. It is kind of un-nerving to take beautiful new parts and apply caustic chemicals to their finish. But the results speak for themselves. The finished post shown above (without seat clamp) is stunning! The same result for the stem and bars, a beautiful bright finish. The only thing I lost was the painted on Deda logos. Oh well, if they sold these parts in silver they could have kept their logos on the bike!