I picked up this bike as a second choice to an older Legnano that got away from me. It looked okay in the pictures but when it arrived it was in rougher shape than I had hoped for. Still, it looked sound enough and with a little effort I thought I could make this into a nice vintage rider. The bike came spec’d as follows:

  • Campy Nuovo Gran Sport rear derailleur
  • Campy Record front derailleur and shifters
  • Universal Model 61 brakes and levers
  • Campy Tipo high flange hubs with Fiamme rims
  • Ofmega headset, 3TTT bars and stem
  • Steel crankset and cottered bottom bracket
  • Steel post with no name Italian seat

The bike had rust and chipped paint over about 5% of the frame and it looked like it would not be possible just to clean it and do some touch up. I didn’t want to do complete new paint because I was looking for a vintage rider and not a museum piece, so I opted for a more unusual solution. I took a scraper and removed the patches of blistering paint and rust. I then sanded these areas smooth to take away the rough edges between paint and bare metal. Next I applied a clear laquer over the frame, on paint and bare metal as well. The laquer should protect the spots of bare metal and it also brightens up and protects the remaining original paint. The damaged areas do stand out but somehow they do not diminish the look of the bike. For me, keeping the bike looking as close to original as possible is pretty important.

These pics below show the damaged areas after they have been sprayed with clear laquer.


I will try and keep most of the original components but there are a few things have got to go. The cottered steel crankset will be upgraded and I will change the wheels over to clincher rims from the original tubulars. Outside of those and perhaps a Brooks saddle it should be pretty much the same. Stay tuned for updates on this project!