1974 Legnano, Part 2

Okay, I have done all that I will do to restore and preserve the frame itself as shown in part 1 and I am now ready to begin assembly of the bike. I have a number of parts cleaned up and ready to reinstall, some of it is original stuff but I have a couple of replacement items too. First and foremost this bike will be a rider so anything that is deficient in function will be replaced. Also, other components could be upgraded if their appearance isn’t quite right. Form and function are both important elements in bringing this Italian classic back to life!

  • Ofmega headset
  • 3TTT bars and stem
  • Universal Model 61 brakes and levers
  • Ofmega bottom bracket (not original)
  • TA Specialties Crankset, 48/37 (not original)
  • Gipiemme Seat post (not original)
  • Ideal leather saddle (not original)

The parts that I am using to replace original components will still be period correct but are chosen because they are an upgrade to the original, either in performance or quality. For example, the original cottered steel crankset was already out of date when this bike was made. It was rusted and had a less desirable choice of chainring sizes. The TA Specialties crankset that I will use is a superior model which was also available then and has chainring sizes that will be more appropriate for this bikes intended use. Similarly, the seat and post were also upgraded to better quality units.

Next time (part 3) I hope to be able to have some wheels built for the bike.  I am currently looking for some clincher rims that are in good shape and that look right. It has been a little harder than I expected to find them so far!

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