This ride was officially named the  Olney-Gothic-Logger 300 km brevet  but other than using the little town of Olney as our turnaround point Ihave no idea how this ride was named. I didn’t really see any loggers or goths, maybe they were all off duty this weekend.

Skyline Drive in the early morning light.

We departed the St. John’s district of Portland (right under the bridge) and almost immediately started climbing up the steep but short (2 mi) Newberry Rd. I was the last one to leave (after having to tend to some last minute needs) and played catch up with the other riders for an hour or more. We climbed up to Skyline Drive and cruised the winding crest for miles. Although it was sunny where we were you could see a layer of low clouds below. We dropped down into Scapoose just as the low clouds burned off. The first half of the ride was a series of climbs and rollers on quiet roads with little traffic. Even though temps would stay in the mid 70’s all day with light winds, the humidity was high and I sweat much more than usual.

The ride was totally trouble free and the second half was particularly enjoyable with long sections of fast cruising. I got my second wind after lunch at about mile 120 and was feeling great. When I pulled into the finish about half an hour after dark a few other riders had already arrived. Thanks to the Oregon Randonneurs for putting together a great route for us to ride and to the volunteers who took the time to look after us!

Birkenfeld Store



A forest of Foxglove flowers


The Olney Store


Headed for home


Old rail trestle on the Banks – Vernonia trail


Racing the sun


Cross the bridge and I’m done