Riding in Davis California is like riding on my home turf, I have ridden here so often over the years! I wouldn’t normally travel this far for a 200 km brevet but my travel schedule had me in the area so I thought why not? I threw my bike in the car just in case the timing worked out.

davis2The Davis Bike Club always gets a good turnout for their events and this was no exception with well over 70 riders departing at the 7 am start. This was also the first event I have ridden in some time that started in full daylight! Once again I fell in with a very large “B” group and stayed with them for about 25 miles. It started to fall apart when people stopped to make clothing changes or take care of “other business.”

We took a familiar route through the valley farmland and wetlands, then on up the course of Putah Creek where we started into the hills. The first climb of any significance started at the Monticello Dam and then shortly after that we ascended Cardiac Hill, named by local cyclists. None of these climbs are that notable but the rolling terrain throughout the day would give a cumulative total of over 7500 feet of climbing!

davis4One of the things that DBC events are known for is their great support. This early season brevet was no exception! At the Pope Valley turnaround there was a virtual buffet of stuff to choose from. After doing a lot of “bare bones” events it is nice to be spoiled for a change.

By this time it turned out to be a lovely day, temps in the low 70’s, light winds and virtually car-free roads! I don’t know what else a brevet rider could ask for!

All that was left to do was cruise home, and on the way in I rode with several different riders. Mostly the roads were quiet but once we got back down into the valley things were a little busier. I did get a couple of “bonus miles” in when I rode by the last info control and had to go back. At 130 miles this route is actually about 210 kms and my finish time was 9 hours. I rode the Sancineto again and on this bike I have no computer so I have no other data. A cue sheet and a clock was all I needed on this day.


For more info on the 1991 Sancineto bike I rode at this event see link below.


To view the route on Ride with GPS go here, http://ridewithgps.com/routes/2140666