From the event website:

“Join us and make iconic British history. We present L’Eroica Britannia ‘the most handsome bike race in the World’ alongside a 3 day bike and style festival in the green, very pleasant and spectacular lands of the Peak District National Park, UK. Come to Bakewell the ‘ancient capital of the Peak’ in the heart of The Peak District National Park and join us on our Great British Adventure, 3 weeks before The Tour de France comes to the UK. Over the 3 days we’re celebrating a very British take on the values of  territory, sustainability and the joys of food and drink. The festival’s pinnacle is on the 22nd June with our ‘Great British Adventure’ as we embrace the romantic idea of  heroic cycling as it once was, placed alongside aspects of lifestyle, belonging and the British Countryside with a 3 route bike tour of The Peak District.”


I just got my entry confirmation for this event. This is the first year of the British version of L’Eroica and I would very much like to attend. If it becomes as popular as the Italian venue has become, then it will be very hard to get entry in future years. I have committed the entry fee and will now try and see if I can make it actually happen. I will keep this topic updated as progress is made.