This is the first double century ride on the calendar for the west coast and one I have ridden before. Since I already have a 200 km and a 300 km event under my belt so far this year I thought it would be a good one for me. The timing was right too! Ideally, I like about 2 weeks between my big events and this one comes just 2 weeks after the Gila Monster 300.


For this event I thought I would ride a slightly sportier bike, my 1991 Sancineto. I really love this bike but I have never ridden it 200 miles before. I have done a couple of 200 km events on it but not more. It has a 9 speed Campy cassette with a VO compact crank so it should have enough gears for the 8500 plus feet of climbing covered in the route. The weather for this ride was expected to be good and I wouldn’t need much gear so it should be do-able. Here are some highlights from the days ride:

  • I was riding well with a fast group to the first rest stop at mile 40. Leaving that stop I found that my left cleat was coming loose and stopped to make a repair. I would ride alone for much of the rest of the day.
  • Riding the shoulder of Interstate Highway 5, sounds awful, right? Well, aside from the noise it was almost pleasant, being nearly free of debris with traffic generated tailwinds allowing an easy 20 mph pace or better each way.
  • Lunch came a little early, at mile 87 but was welcome none-the-less. Food and drink was needed for the hot miles ahead.
  • Reche Road, which should be named Wretched Road for its bad pavement, narrow shoulders and annoying rollers during the hottest part of the day.
  • The San Luis Rey bike path seems like a very long 6.8 miles.
  • Antonio Road, how shall I describe thee? Rising, ever upward, on and on into the night. Enough already, where is the effing top?
  • The last 20 miles, a gift! Long downhill’s, well lit boulevards with wide shoulders and little or no traffic!
  • All of the people I visited with on this day, old friends and new. Chuck B and Mike S, Jim P shepherding his troops, Linda and Foster, along with Bill who talked me up the last big hill, and finally Richard with whom I rode the last 15 or so miles with.
  • It was also good to see Lynn K at an event again, if not on the bike. I enjoyed chatting at the finish very much!!!
  • Also, thanks to Planet Ultra and the volunteers for putting on this early season event.