20140526_111216Recently, I have had the opportunity to spend some time in southern California with my bicycle. When I head out on the bike a good destination for me is Oceanside, which has a great beach and kind of a funky old town. It is not a high end community but has the full flavor of SoCal, with interesting people, many restaurants and shops. It is like the Portland of SoCal, weird but in a good way! Not only is it great to ride to the ocean on a beautiful day, but there is lots to see and do there. One of my new favorite stops in Oceanside is Pacific Coast Cycles , which is anything but your “normal” bike shop.  Pacific Coast Cycles is an anomaly in that it is truly a bicycle shop for people who love bikes. They are not about selling the latest model of superbike accessory or team kit but more about getting you what you need, even if that is only information.

Chuck, owner of Pacific Coast Cycles

Chuck, owner of Pacific Coast Cycles

On a recent visit I was able to talk with Chuck Hoefer who owns PCC. Even though he had a steady stream of walk in customers he found the time to chat with me a bit about vintage bikes. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will share it with someone of similar interests.

PCC also has a very large stock of vintage bicycles and parts for sale. Many of the older bikes are mostly complete, unrestored and just waiting for someone to take them home and finish them. Finding a wide range of older frames offered for sale in a shop is quite rare indeed!

OHBS-Portraits-20I just stopped by to check out the shop in the middle of my ride but ended up leaving more than an hour later with some vintage Campy brake levers and a shop jersey. Before I left another gentleman walked in and started chatting with Chuck. They obviously knew each other well and soon I was introduced to the man. It was Curtis Odom, retired racer, surfer and visionary. Curtis is perhaps best known for the beautiful hubs he manufactures. They truly are works of art. I enjoyed talking with Curtis for a time and he showed off his newest idea for a bike accessory. I won’t divulge it here, I’ll let Curtis do that if he brings it to the market.

At the end of the day I had a good ride (45 miles), found some hard to find parts and met some interesting people. It was a cool day in Oceanside!