My preparations for the event are complete, the bike has been built, tested and proven on local roads. My gear has been assembled and packed and my travel plans have been made. Today I depart for the village of Bakewell in the Peak District of central England. Leaving Las Vegas will offer a stark contrast to the British Isles but I am looking forward to the change.

The bike that I am taking to this event is a 1962 Legnano Gran Premio.  It is mostly original and complete, with only a different crank set and some new tires to modify it. Older bikes like this often didn’t have enough of a low range in the gearing that my older legs seem to need these days.


attachment I dont really have all that much riding time on this bike, just enough to know that the bugs are worked out and that it functions well.  I did however take a 1974 Gran Premio to L’Eroica Italia in 2012 and it was great for those cconditions!   I wanted to ride an older bike on this event and this one at 52 years old is perfect. I know the bike is suitable for the intended purpose and it also looks great! attachment-1 Fitting the bike in its travel case only requires a minimal amount of disassembly. It only takes about a half an hour or so to pack or unpack it and it travels quite securely. My only real concern is that the bike arrives when I do. I know from previous experience that bikes are much less likely to arrive on time than other luggage. attachment-2