Today, Friday is my main preparation day for the event. The goals for today were first to get the put the bike together and checked out. Then get checked in for the event and go for a ride. Here is how the day went.

My hotel courtyard, bike ready to go.

My hotel courtyard, bike ready to go.

The bike went together quickly with only minor adjustments required. I did have to find a mechanic with some real wrenches to tighten my stem and seatpost but it was good! Note to self: Try to actually assembly my bike with the tools that I brought with me next time.

I went to LB HQ get checked in to the event around noon. I was an early customer and they were quite happy to see me. My number is 88, thats a good number ŕight! I imagine that later in the event they will get a little more surly. What do you want, whats your number, now get out of here!


Actually, the schwag bag was pretty good, a beer, some cosmetics, a moustache wristband, and a gin and tonic along with some other stuff.

After getting things all sorted out it was time for a ride. I didn’t really have a good idea of where I was going but I knew that the Monsal Trail is part of the route I will be riding on Sunday So I thought I would check it out.


The Monsal Trail is a rail trail that is quite scenic. It is a reclaimed historic railroad bed which has many incredible bridges and tunnels in its course. I ended up doing a 30 mile loop with a short bit of route uncertaintity (read that as I got lost) before heading back into Bakewell for some refreshment.

Post ride evening activities involved sampling the local brewery product, British Mexican food and some further research on the subject of gin & tonics. On a side note, if someone ever mentions to me that they dislike British fare then I can give them a knowledgeable reply that they are a MORON!