March 21, 2015

I have ridden this route many times in the past, primarily when I was RBA for southern Utah and it was used on some of my events. Since then another RBA has stepped forward to organize events in Utah, Richard Stum from Salt Lake Randonneurs and he has resurrected the route. It’s early season in Utah and a perfect time for riding here in the south.


The orchards that greet you as you enter the town of Springdale tell you that Spring is indeed here. The apple blossoms aren’t quite out yet here but will be soon!


Turning up into Zion Canyon is always spectacular. This time of year the main canyon is closed to private vehicles and we only had to share with the shuttle buses. A minor inconvenience.


This was the first event I have ridden on my 1980 Holdsworth Mistral. It was a joy to ride all day though the new Cardiff saddle does need a little more break in time.


Robert, my frequent riding partner and I enjoyed much of the day riding together.  It is always nice to have someone to help share the work when the winds refuse to be cooperative.


At the head of Zion Canyon is the Temple of Sinawava, a spectacular alcove surrounded by towering cliffs. The deep canyon prevents much sunlight from reaching the canyon floor and at 4500 feet elevation it was still a little cool when we arrived just after 10:00 am.


Winds were pretty favorable for our return to the start in the town of Hurricane. Very often the afternoon winds will pick up and can make this return leg quite a slog! That was not the case today and we had a pretty easy cruise in.

This was a dual event, a 100k and a 200k brevet. While I was only riding the shorter distance the other 9 riders continued on to complete to 200k distance. Thanks again to Richard Stum and his group, the Salt Lake Randonneurs for putting on a great ride!