After arriving last night, today was about getting out and seeing a bit of the area, on a bike! I was able to do a bit of a pre-ride on the first 30 miles of the route and what I can say at this point is that it is a spectacular course. It will also be a challenging route which traverses endless rolling hills, punctuated by some dirt roads as well as some real climbs. Heroic is definitely an appriopriate adjective for this event.


Today I rode a seldom ridden favorite of mine, a 2008 Colnago Master X-light. It is my only 18 pound bike and is a dream to ride. Campy 11 speed, Brooks saddle and not an ounce of Carbon fiber or anodized aluminum. Tradition and a modern build all in one. The bicycle Gods are smiling!

After the bicycle ride, Sara and I took out the old motorbike out for a spin in the countryside. We followed a little more of the route and eventually found ourselves at the Kiler Ridge Olive Farm and tasting room. Riding up on a 50 plus year old motorbike with sidecar set the stage for an amazing experience! I learned more about olive oil in two hours than most people will in a lifetime. Be prepared world, for your newest olive oil snobs!


After the excursions we found our way back to the Paso Robles City Park which is the center of activities for the event. There was still a lot of set up going on but I was able to get checked in for the event. Eroici #107, that is me. I will do my best to do honor to the number.

We will see what tomorrow will bring but I expect it will include more good food, good wine etc.