I don’t do a lot of centuries anymore but one that I try and do when I can is the Portland Century. There are two great things about this ride; first is that they find a wonderful route that is different each year. Next is the free beer at the end of the ride by Hopworks! I love beer sponsors.

Heading out of PDX on Terwilliger Blvd.

Heading out of PDX on Terwilliger Blvd.

The weather has been quite hot in Portland recently and the forecast was for more of the same today. I started my ride at a little after 6:00 am to try and beat the heat.


The old iron Foundry at George Rogers Park

The route was highly scenic and stayed close to the river for much of the first half of the ride. Lovely quiet roads with river views and shade were perfect for a hot day.

The Old River Road trail

The Old River Road trail

A little climbing on Mountain Rd

A little climbing on Mountain Rd

Arriving at the Canby Ferry I found a growing line waiting to board. Although it looked like there was room for more riders they were only taking 57 riders at a time, not one more. I had to wait for only one trip for the short ride across the Willamette River. The queue was getting quite long behind me and others might have had to wait for several trips.

57 riders at a time, not one more

57 riders at a time, not one more

The route looped around the flat country south of Canby before returning northward. The route designers cleverly avoid most of the high traffic roads and took in scenic sections whenever they could. Staying close to the river kept the temps in the lows 80’s for the trip home.


After some new bike lanes along the new Milwaukee light rail corridor we rejoined the Willamette River and rode in on the Springwater Corridor which is perhaps Portland’s most heavily used cycling route. It was busy through town but the river views were great!


We returned to the University of Portland which was the venue for this event where they offered what must be one of the best post-ride meals I have ever had at an event. It is served in the university cafeteria and includes almost anything you might want. I had an artisan pizza and of course some beer, provided by Hopworks Urban Brewery.

Yes, I'll take those, all of them!

Yes, I’ll take those, all of them!

The bike I rode for this event is a 1998 De Bernardi and is mostly Campy Chorus 10 speed. It is a lovely bike to ride and represents the end of an era, being among the last of the Italian companies that made lugged steel bike frames for racing.


The paint on it is remarkable in full sunlight, being almost a midnight blue color with silver and blue mist highlights and a starburst or two. People almost always do a double take when they see it in person.


Aero cable routing keeps the look very clean! A Brooks Swift saddle is my favorite seat.