Here is a bike that I really didn’t need, though that could be said about most of them. It came to me like so many others “as a good deal!” At just $38 for the frame and fork it seemed like a no brainer, especially since I had most of the needed parts just lying around.

This is kind of a before picture, a before assembly picture. But it is after I did some touch up on the paint. I decided to leave it mostly original but it did have some scratches and surface rust. I sanded those areas down and did some pinpoint touchup with some Krylon satin black paint. Then I sprayed the whole frame with a clear satin finish coating. This for me, on a less than top notch frame, is a great way to arrest any deterioration, preserve the patina and protect the finish and decals for the future.




What the function?

This will not be a period correct restoration, but rather a functional and stylish townie, complete with fenders and a front basket. You see this type of bike all over Europe but they seem a little scarce here in the US. Well, at least there will be one around soon!

Check back for progress on this build. It is my early winter project.