Well, right now I am happy with my frame alignment efforts so I am willing to commit some more time and effort to this project. The next step is to get the frame cleaned and more closely inspected. It can be hard to locate problems on a dirty frame so a good cleaning is necessary. As a second step, removal of rust from the chrome as well as the painted areas has to happen.


Third will be to protect the frame with a semi-gloss clear coat. I would prefer the tone of a “satin” finish but I have found that “semi-gloss” gives a better result with a spray can method. I am only looking for preservation with this layer, I am not trying to make it shine or pop in any way. It will retain much of it’s original look, blemishes and all, as a survivor.














One thing I like about this frame is that it has many of the original decals. The down-tube decals are gone but the head badge is good and some of the added stickers are also good, including a shop sticker where the bike was purchased and a 1968 LA County bike license. I will work on finding the proper decals for the down-tube.


I tried outlining the lugs with a gold acrylic paint pen but was unsatisfied with the result. I think that I used too broad of a tip and the outlines were out of proportion to the lugs. Oh well, this was a good frame to practice on, and next time I will do better.


The repaired head tube area turned out pretty well I think, but I still need to fit the wheels and see if additional tweaking is required to correct any remaining alignment issues. Blemishes in the paint and some minor deformation remain in the tubes in this area, but I believe that I have saved this bike frame! I don’t really ever sell bikes, so disclosure is not going to be an issue, and one day I hope to actually ride it. Won’t that be fun!!!

Next up, starting to actually build the bike. Check back in for that!