Saturday March 19, 20162218263e

This is one of the prettiest double centuries on the schedule each year. It traverses the beautiful hill country of the central coast and if you have a sunny Spring day, you are in for a real treat!

This year is my 8th participation in this event and once again this year the weather forecast was great! I also had 4 of my local riding buddies along with this year (I often do these rides alone). Even with fine weather predicted, the morning fog and drizzle can be pretty intense, and so it was for us for the first 70 miles or so. After that, the sun started to break out and we were feeling the love! Then, in the afternoon a favorable tailwind appeared to bring us home. Our group separated before lunch but we all had a good ride.

I did the ride this year in 14 hrs 50 mins which is a little slower than I had hoped for, but not unexpected for an early season double century. Under-trained but optimistic is how I approach most of the Spring events that I ride. I forgot to bring a camera with me so I have no photos of the spectacular scenery to share. You will just have to take my word that it was gorgeous!


My 2001 Pegoretti Palo Santo was my ride for the day. This bike has taken me more miles than any other bike I have (which is quite a few), and in all kinds of weather and road conditions. It remains the most comfortable bike I have for distance riding. Campy, Brooks and Italian steel, need I say more!