Another great Oregon Randonneurs event, this time with the added benefit of wonderful weather! OR puts together some of the best routes anywhere and this one was no exception!

There were only seven riders doing this event today, but that was partly because there was a concurrent 600 km ride with 17 riders that started about an hour earlier and drew off a lot of riders who might have ridden otherwise. OR usually gets a pretty good turnout for their events, almost regardless of the weather!

I rode alone most of the day, only crossing paths with other riders once or twice during the day. For this ride I used my 1980 Holdsworth Mistral. It is one of my few Shimano equipped bikes with some 8 speed Dura-Ace parts but also a mix of other stuff. It may be a bit of a frankenbike but it rides really nicely! It rolls smooth and fast and is quite comfortable all day long!

The control stop at Thriftway in Scio

The control stop at Thriftway in Scio

The weather for this Saturday started cool, around 60 degrees in the morning, then climbed to the upper 80’s by afternoon. There was a light breeze from the north all day which was fine, but in the afternoon when I started heading home (to the north) it was appreciated a little less. Fortunately the route had many shady sections to shield me a bit from the sun. The upper 80’s doesn’t really seem all that warm, but when you are out in it all day it can take a toll.

One of many shady stretches along the route

One of many shady stretches along the route

OR uses some creative methods for information controls. On these rural routes there are often not enough unique features such as barns, buildings or signs to use as proof of passage for many points. Secret zip tie controls are a clever solution to the problem!


The answer is: green, yello, green

I had a really good day on the bike, I rode fast when I felt like it, I stopped when I wanted to and enjoyed the scenery very much! The Holdsworth was a joy to ride and I had no issues. This is what randonneuring is supposed to be like!

Thanks again to RBA Susan France for the great job you do!