Here is a frame that I ended up with recently after it was referred to me by a friend. It was on Ebay and had some characteristics similar to the Girardengo frames that I have an interest in. It was a good value so I bought it even though I did not need another project right now.


It was said by the seller to be late 50’s or early 60’s but I can find nothing to confirm the earlier estimate. To me it appears that 1960 is about right. There is no name on the decals and the imagery is worn, but there are a few clues. The center image appears to be an eagle perched on a mountain top, and Cicli is readable above that on both of the decals. Below the eagle reads Ivrea and R. Daniele in gold letters on a red border. Ivrea is a town in northern Italy near Torino but R. Daniele is still a mystery.

I have a contact in Torino Italy who says about this frame: “From what I see I can say that the frame looks “PIEMONTESE”. Piedmont is the northern region in which Torino is the main city.” He further speculated that it could be a shop branded frame, where a local shop might have had a builder re-brand their bikes to the name of a local shop. Apparently this occurred rather frequently and might account for the scarcity of information on the marque. I’ve got my feelers out to other sources in that region.

The bike came shipped with the original Magistroni headset, unknown bottom bracket and Universal side-pull brakes. The BB appears most similar to this Swiss Edco model but it is not definitive. The other items are only generally useful for dating purposes since versions of these components were used over a 2 decade period with little or no changes. Campagnolo dropouts indicate at least a decent quality build.

Other marques, particularly from northern Italy, used similar treatments for the seat-stays. A few are pictured below. This style may be a regional characteristic or it could indicate some further relationship between these marques.

I will start collecting components to build this bike as I run across appropriate items. I still do not have a clear direction to go with it, period correct or an updated rider. I will see how it moves me in the future.