This Italian beauty is naked!


After a dozen or so hours of effort I finally have the frame and fork stripped down to bare metal. I used “Aircraft Stripper” and a fine wire brush. Aircraft Stripper costs a little more but it doesn’t really do the job any better. I was hoping the fancy name and price would make it better. Oh well, lesson learned (again).

Cleaning the frame to this degree gives you the opportunity to see close up what the quality of the original work was. Overall the brazing looks quite nice and I only notice one minor flaw in a bridge between the stays near the BB. I was surprised to see however that the frame had previously been sandblasted before its original paint was applied. The “orange peel” effect left by this process I had always assumed would result in a lesser quality finish, but the paint on this bike was first rate. Perhaps that the original paint was a tri-part application helped smooth out the surface texture of the metal. Also, I believe that a little texture would allow the paint to bond well, giving a “tooth” for the paint to adhere to.





The only other touch up work I need to do is to fill a minor ding in the top tube. A little bondo, a little sanding and she will be ready for the paint booth! I’ll be having a local painter do the spraying for me, using a high quality automotive finish. We did our best to color match the original finish and added a little pearl and a little fine metal flake to the mix. Now to see what the result will be!

Part one of this build is here.