Vintage Bicycle Concours

1947 Maury Tandem, original condition!

You always see some great things at the Eroica Vintage bike show. Some of these bicycles are works of art while others are in a bit rougher condition. All of them however are unique and rarely seen examples of classic bicycles.

Just another perfect Eddy Mercyx, ho hum!

I decided that it was pointless to bring any of my bikes to this show. Most of mine are riders and I do not obsess over them like many of these must be by their owners.

Lots of parts too! I’ll just look around a little more.

The were lots of pretty bikes, including a 1962 Ideor Asso that caught my eye, red with chrome lugs and beautiful! It was offered at $1850, which was probably less than the owner had put into it! Sadly, it probably won’t sell at that price.

1988 50th anniversary Paramount, with Campy 50th anno gruppo. Never ridden!

For art lovers, Miguel Soro has brought some his amazing work and is producing some new pieces at the event. His technique is quite interesting, incorporating different mediums including newsprint into his work. The result is quite a moving image!

Miguel Soros from Valencia, working on a piece,


A little pre-ride

On the Linne Road wine trail, a local bike route.

So I needed to get a little ride in today and I thought that I would ride a part of the route that I would not see on tomorrow’s ride. I did a 30 mile loop east of Paso Robles that the short route riders will see. Such a great landscape!

On the Linne Road wine trail.

Cass Winery is the first stop on the route for some riders but it is not on my route. Still it is a nice place to ride a bike and drink wine.

Follow the yellow arrows.

Oak trees and vineyards, such a great route!

Let’s not forget a little culture for the event. Artist Miguel Soro from Valencia (a retired professional cyclist) has found his niche is capturing scenes from Eroica events. His technique and use of materials is amazing!

Miguel rides, Miguel knows.