This ride was originally planned to be an out and back ride to Santa Barbara, but the route had to be changed due to flooding in the Montecito area. Many roads on the original route were still closed for clean up and some search and recovery efforts were still underway. Our hearts go out to those whose lost friends and loved ones during that tragedy. It seems unfair that while we are enjoying a lovely day on our bikes, others lives have been turned upside down.

The forecast was for a windy day with Santa Ana winds blowing offshore. A closer examination of the forecast shows that these winds did not extend west to where most of our route for today would be. We just might squeak out a good ride in-spite the predicted winds!

At the start in Moorpark there were almost 30 riders ready to go. Morning temps were cool by local standards (in the 40’s) but the sun was out and riders were optimistic about the day.

Our outbound route went due west through Camarillo and Oxnard to Ventura where we hit the coast. I do love riding next to the ocean in the morning. This stretch of new bike-path near Mussel Shoals in one of my favorites!

My smiling face just off the PCH!

We had a light headwind on our way up the coast. If this held it would be a great return ride!


Our lunch stop was in the town of Carpinteria, a cute little beach town just east of Santa Barbara. We could not go further west due to the recent road closures so this was our turnaround point. There are lots of food options here but we chose a Subway sandwich for our protein, caffeine and salt! My riding partner for the day, Joe was feeling pretty good after lunch, and so was I!


The turnaround control in Carpinteria offered riders the chance to regroup. Most rando riders I know are quite happy to ride solo, but they are also a social bunch. If given the opportunity to ride and chat they will take it! We put together a small group of 5 riders which held together for much of the rest of the day.


The light winds did hold for the return ride and we enjoyed an easy cruise back down the coast. La Conchita, Mussel Shoals, Faria Beach, Solimar, Emma Woods State Beach all passed by on our return. I have ridden this section of the coast many times and I never tire of it!

Another benefit to group riding is navigation. This route had a long and intricate cue sheet which made it a relatively slow route to ride. It was designed to get us off the main travel routes and see some of the sights that we normally ride right by. Theoretically with several riders checking their route guide you will make fewer wrong turns.

There were an unusual number of information controls where you must note a particular feature. Most were pretty clear once you found them. The Port Hueneme lighthouse is not a particularly scenic location but I had never been there before.

There was one last out and back leg on the route to get the required mileage. Just past Pt. Mugu we stopped at a campground for our last info control. Joe is pointing out the required information for us to note.

Back at this far east end of the route we started to encounter the predicted winds and we had some tough headwinds for about 15 miles. Regardless of that we were able to finish the ride all in daylight and rolled into the parking lot at 5:20 pm, some 10 hours and 20 minutes after we started. Overall it was a better day than we had expected and a good day all around. Thank you to the PCH Randos group for putting this route together!!!