20 plus riders rolled out at 9:00 am from the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Hillsboro on a loop to the west. It was 42 degrees at the start with a 90% chance of rain later in the day. Just how much later was the question!

The timing of the rain really didn’t matter to me at first since I was prepared for the weather. I had my rain gear and a fully fendered bike (my old Holdsworth). It was only when I was putting on my rain-shell for the cool morning start that I began to worry. I hadn’t used this rain gear since last year and it had been fine then, but when I began to put it on I notice that the coating was starting to flake off. As I looked closer I saw that the whole waterproof layer was compromised. It was going to protect me from the rain about as well as a cotton T-shirt! All there was to do was to ride fast and try to beat the rain.

This is a nice route that I had ridden a couple of times before and I have enjoyed it. It follows quite rural roads in a counter clockwise loop on gently rolling terrain. I was essentially well prepared for the day but I did forget to fill my water bottles which required an additional stop. The wind was light and I made decent time outside of my stops. I only became confident of beating the rain in the last 10 miles and finished the ride dry and happy! My total ride time was 4 hrs and 45 minutes which is not fast but more in the “sporting” category of results. Overall it was a good day! Thanks to RBA Susan France for hosting another great route and event!