Sunday September 30, 2018

This morning was the annual California Triple Crown awards breakfast. The CTC recognizes the accomplishments of riders participating in a series of double century events held in California over the years. The CTC began tracking riders results in 1990 and has kept a tally of those results. Those riders who complete 50 of these events are eligible to be inducted into the CTC Hall of Fame. Initially there were only 4 double century rides in California which counted towards the Triple Crown. Now in 2018 there are 27 qualifying double centuries in the series!

This year I completed my 50th CTC double century and so I was invited to attend the award ceremony. 10,000 miles ridden in only 50 rides seems like a daunting challenge but I had accumulated my total over almost 30 years of cycling. My first double century was the Davis Double which I first rode in 1989, and at that time was not part of the series. I have ridden it many times and only in 1993 did it become part of the CTC. I have also participated in many other DC’s (which are not included in this total) such as Seattle to Portland and the Desperado Dual Century in Utah.

While 50 double centuries might seem like a lot to accomplish as a bicyclist, among this group of endurance cyclists it is only an entry level award. Among the ranks of these riders there are dozens who have completed more than 100 double centuries, at least half a dozen who have completed 150 doubles and a couple of riders who are likely to reach the 200 mark next year!

Men and women of all ages and diverse backgrounds who share a love of cycling are among these folks. Though they have taken their cycling to a different level they are among the most generous people that I have met. Most are always willing to help a fellow cyclist meet their goals as well! The description of “big hearted” does not go far enough to describe this group. Also included are amazing stories of riders who overcame significant injury or setbacks, and others who did not even begin cycling until their 60’s have now earned their recognition in the CTC Hall of Fame.

I am humbled to be honored alongside so many who have accomplished so much! For me it was never a goal to get here, it just kind of happened to me while I was out riding my bike! Thanks to CTC founder Chuck Bramwell and all of the other volunteers who have put in so much work to recognize these riders.

Click if you would like more information on the California Triple Crown series of events.