A 1973 Lygie came to me recently in pretty decent shape. It is just the frame and fork but it has the makings of a modern classic, as soon as I figure out what to do with it! This new acquisition does raise the question of how many bicycles one person needs but I will not attempt settle that issue now. I will just put this one in the queue and think about silly questions later!

I do have one Lygie already, a 1968 Record Professional which was covered in a previous post. This newer one is just your basic non-descript bicycle frame, repainted but in pretty decent condition otherwise. It is in a color that commonly seen on Lygies so it will probably stay just like it is. Just what to do with it hasn’t struck me yet but it has several qualities that might influence the direction of the project.

  • First, with the ability of this bike to accept a wide variety of standard parts you could do anything with it from vintage racer to a touring bike.
  • Second, bikes of this era have great frame clearance for larger diameter tires. With the current desirability of all road bikes, who knows!
  • Thirdly, Lygie bicycles were not known as having a specific category. Though they do have a racing background, later bikes were more of an all purpose rider.

With eyelets on the dropouts I might just do something with fenders. This bike was probably built for 27 inch wheels so if I take it down to a 700c wheel size I should be able to have good clearance even with a fatter tire!

I am not a fan of triple crank-sets but I do like many of the subcompacts that are out there. I should still be able to get the gearing that I like without resorting to a huge freewheel.

This will probably be a next winter project. There is some other cool stuff I need to finish first.